Vern & Lettuce

Vern and Lettuce Lettuce Make a mini comic
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Vern Learn to draw Vern and Lettuce
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Pickle Rye Cover Pickle Rye Cover Welcome to the world of Pickle Rye! Make your own bus All aboard for Pickle Rye! Colour, cut and paste your own Vern and Lettuce bus! download pdf Make your own tractor Vern and Lettuce go off road! Colour, cut and paste your own tractor and take photos of them in your garden. download pdf
Make your own travel comic! Next time you go on a trip - or even to school, or in your fort at home - create a comic about it! Here are some travel comics Sarah McIntyre made, in China and in Alaska.
Sarah McIntyre Learn how to lead a Comics Jam session! You can find out more about it on the Jampires website or in this Booktrust series of Comics Jam videos. Great fun in the classroom or at home!