vern and lettuce in peril!

And it’s another DFC weekend with Vern and Lettuce! Saturday mornings are always better with fresh new comics through the post. I had fun revisiting the scene where Lettuce throws a tantrum while danging from her ears. She is one gutsy bunny.

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Forbidden Planet International blog contributor Richard Bruton had some good things to say about Vern and Lettuce, but also something that cracked me up:

Needless to say Vern & Lettuce and Sausage & Carrots were great. Sarah McIntyre has suddenly decided to veer off into a much longer story with Vern & Lettuce. Luckily the strip still has enough gags and of course, looks lovely. One of the strengths of it is how warm and cosy and comfortable it looks. The colours and stylings make it look nothing like anything else in the comic. Next thing you know she’ll be telling us she has this idea for 300 strips and this early funny stuff was just her finding her feet a la Dave Dim with Cerebus. Or maybe not.

I don’t think he’s casting aspersions on Dave Sim, but the idea of anything happening ‘suddenly’ in Vern and Lettuce made me howl. Each weekly page takes so darn long to make that it seems like the slowest thing in the world!

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