underwater scotland

Planning a November visit to Scotland is dodgy at the best of times, but wouldn’t you know it, we managed to hit it during one of the wettest weekends in recorded history. Here’s Suzie the border terrier, sneezing on the swollen riverbank of the Bladnoch.

Before Angus met us in Dumfries to take us out to his farm, we had a little look at what the River Nith was getting up to. Scottish words such as dreich and drookit spring to mind.

Stuart and I were well impressed by Dumfries’ selection of sandbags.

This pub’s appropriately named ‘The World’s End’.

Moving on, here’s a bleak looking view of the Isle of Whithorn. We mostly stayed in the pub.

Here’s the place in Wigtown where some Covenanters were tied to a stake and left to a watery death.

More wetness along the riverbank.

Actually, we had a very good trip, despite all this. But it was great being able to cuddle up by the fire with some warm animals in the evenings (Suzie and Sweep). …More on Scotland later, when we dry off a bit.

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