the suspense…

The suspense, it is killing me! I can hardly wait for tomorrow’s bumper DFC Christmas double issue! If I didn’t have so much work to do today, I would go to bed now so tomorrow would come faster.

Do think about subscribing to the DFC: you can buy a single issue here, or there are a variety of subscription options on the DFC website. Or you can get a mini four-comic subscription through Amazon here.

Messing about with ink this morning:

Neill Cameron (of the DFC’s Mo-Bot High) has been posting a Santa a day on his blog, well worth having a look.

Thanks, Alex Milway, for pointing me toward studio aka’s upcoming animation of Oliver Jeffers’ lovely picture book Lost and Found. Have a look at the gorgeous stills on the website.

And I got a wonderful bundle of comics in the post from nabbit! His real name is Peter Beare and we’ve been LiveJournal friends for awhile, but this was the first time I’d seen a collection of his comics, and they are brilliant!! He’s a marvellous storyteller, notices the most interesting little things, and has a great knack for spinning out absurd situations and making them funnier and funnier. Definitely some of the best indie comics I’ve read all year. Thanks, Peter! You can see some of his work here.

Hmm, Garen Ewing and I have very similar posts this morning. (His came first. …’Morning, Garen!)

Edit: Have a look at the BBC interview of DFC contributor Laura Howell! (Here’s Laura’s bio on the DFC site.)

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