the pickle: luuurve is in the air… and mole traps

I just had a marvelous contribution to The Pickle fall into my Inbox from ten-year-old Ellie Bennett, whom I met a couple weeks ago at the Bishop’s Stortford lit fest. Thanks so much, Ellie, you rock!

(I read it carefully, that’s mole problem, not male problem.) There are so many starters for new stories buried in this page! I wrote to Ellie,

I’m so curious about Victoria and what she’s doing to help Vern with is mole problem. Poor Cabbage, she might be getting more than she bargained for with the bunnies. And I’d love to see a diagram of The Mole Catch; I wonder if it is a standard mole trap or a bizarre contraption involving tuba soundwaves, or something else completely.

Ellie’s friend Heather has also written to say she’s drawn a page, so I’ll be very curious to see it. Click here if you’d like to contribute to The Pickle! (You’ll find submission guidelines on the first couple pages.)

More news, the fabulous Viviane Schwarz just got her first copy of her new book she made with Alexis Deacon. Hurrah! She made the book while we were still sharing a studio, so I got to see her drawing and cutting out lots of little bits of paper and sticking them together. I couldn’t believe the way she’d make her roughs; she’d get a blank book cut to the right size and number of pages; then she’d take a permenant sharpie pen and just sit there and draw the whole book – right into the book with the sharpie pen – in about two hours. Of course, the other stuff took a lot of time, but I’ve never seen someone make roughs like that.

Go have a look at Viv’s blog to find out more about A Place to Call Home, and other things like an amazing fish hat her mum in Germany knitted for her and general Schwarzville goodness.

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