The New Neighbours

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Who’s this, now??

When new neighbours move in to the tower block, what will the other residents of Pickle Rye think? Find out in this hilarious and light-hearted book that is bursting with wonderful characters and humour. Giggle away as you hop, trot and totter down the stairs to share news of the new neighbours and learn just how important it is to leave judgements and prejudices far behind.

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Norman Rockwell gossips

What was the inspiration for The New Neighbours?

When I was little, my family had a big album of paintings by American artist Norman Rockwell, and I used to spend ages lying on the floor staring at his 1948 picture, ‘The Gossips’. I was fascinated by how he’s painted everyone’s expressions and how they took the news so differently: everything from outrage and anger to titillation and hilarity. You can read more stories behind the book in this blog post.

Read Fiona Noble’s interview with me from The Bookseller here.

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Who publishes this book in other countries and languages?

Danish (De Nye Naboer) - Forlaget Flachs - translated by Trine Bech
Spanish (Los Nuevos Vecinos) - Ediciones Fortuna - translated by Jamie Valero Martínez
Simplified Chinese - Beijing Tianlue Books Co.
German - Magellan
North America - Penguin Workshop