the dfc library takes off!

Congratulations to Dave Shelton on the launch today of Good Dog, Bad Dog! You may remember the comic strip running in the Guardian newspaper and in the DFC… now it’s a book! It’s the very first in the DFC Library series, and you can read a preview of it here.

Thanks to Forbidden Planet International for their wonderful support for the DFC Library! Let’s all support this series, we need to see some growth in British comics and this is a fresh new start. Random House will be watching sales like a hawk to see if it’s worth their while to keep publishing new comics, and I hope they get very, very excited when they see how these fly off the shelves and see reviews appearing blogs all over the world. Thanks for giving us a brilliant start, Dave!

(Look for Good Dog, Bad Dog in your local comics shop, or you can buy it on Amazon here.)

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