tea time

Yesterday I went into Soho to drop off some artwork prints to my agent, who’s doing up her new office in Vern & Lettuce theme, hooray! Then I met up for a drink with DFC colleague Andrew Wildman (the guy who does Transformers; you haven’t seen his work yet in the DFC, but it’s coming soon) and a bunch of other comics folk, including Andie Tong (who draws the UK Spiderman), David Lloyd and Natalie Sandells. (Yay, another female comics person!) It was great to see them, but the pub was noisy – David Lloyd and I were shouting at each other across the table which made for a very shallow conversation – and the drinks overpriced, so I didn’t stay all that long and went home and did some more work.

The annoying pub was a sharp contrast to the lush morning tea and cakes I just had with David O’Connell (tozocomic) in East Dulwich. Here’s our picture to commemorate the discovery of this great French Moroccan tea room, Le Chandelier, on Lordship Lane. (Thanks, Alex Buxton, for the recommendation!)

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