sweet answerphone message

On the train back from Adam & Ben’s Mezolith launch, I switched my phone back on to find this message from a happy reader and her dad. (I’d met him once at the Cartoon Museum.) The people on the train got to see me with a big silly grin on my face.

Dad: Okay, say ‘hello, Sarah’
Aviva: Hello, Sarah!
It’s Aviva.
It’s Aviva!
Thank you very much…
Thank you very much…
for drawing in…
for drawing in my book.
You Can’t…
You Can’t Eat a Princess!
which you love…
which I love!
we’re just about to read it for bed time…
we’re just about to read it for bed time.
Night night!
Night night!!

Edit: here’s a picture of Aviva with her sister, Zara.

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