sweeney todd + paranoia

I just got home from seeing ‘Sweeney Todd’ with friends in Peckham. Lots of throat slitting and gore and very, very atmospheric. I’d spent all yesterday morning cycling around London’s old wharves, so I really identified with Tim Burton’s cool set. But I got way too caught up in the mood of the film, and as we left the cinema and were walking to the pub up Peckham Rye, it suddenly seemed the most obvious place in modern-day London that one would have one’s throat slit by a wild-eyed barber set on vengeance. We went into the pub and couldn’t find a seat, so the bar woman (who wore lots of black eyeliner) ushered us into a very dark, quiet room at the back, where we were all certain to die marvelous gothic deaths. We ordered chips but decided to give the meat pies a miss. This first sketch is pretty bad, but I think it’s kind of funny because it looks really tight and paranoid, which was exactly how I was feeling:

I did the other two sketches after I’d had a gin and relaxed a bit.

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