Never fear – SUPERKID IS HERE!

With zooming speed, X-ray vision and bravery by the bag-load, Superkid is always on hand to save the day! He knows just how to tackle a plateful of soggy broccoli, he can make pirates surrender and even tame greedy, snapping sharks.

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Let’s talk with writer Claire Freedman!

Superkid Cover

Were you a Superkid when you were little, or very ordinary, or a bit of both?

I would have loved to BE a Super-Kid. In reality I was a SuperKid in my head, with lots of ideas and plans that usually didn't live up to expectations. That didn't bother me - I was already on to the next Big Idea!

What’s the first story you can remember writing?

I can’t remember the first story I wrote, but I do remember the first time I made up stories. They were for my little brother, at bedtime. He would be the star of the story and have lots of exciting adventures. Then I would spoil it all by ending every story with him having a very silly, embarrassing ending - much to his annoyance and protests!!

What inspired you to write Superkid?

Isn’t it what every kid wants - someone to save them from eating yukky greens? (I know I’d have been delighted if Super Kid saved me from school dinners!)