Hey, we found a studio! Viviane Schwarz and Gary Northfield and I were having a whinge on Twitter (jabberworks, vivschwarz and gnorthfield) about how much we went doolally working at home by ourselves, and we twittered and tweeted til we came to the solution of getting a studio together. And if all goes smoothly, we’ve got one, hooray!

It’s one of 30 studios in an old Victorian police station (right next to a new police station) and wonderfully atmospheric, right down to the holding cells and fingerprinting room. And there’s a big yard out back where we can have barbecue parties, and a couple gallery spaces on the premises that we can rent at discount… this is going to be good.

Oddly, all three of us have done recent comics featuring sheep, so that is why I drew this mish-mash. I’m really excited at the prospect of working in the same room with two such talented people, whooie! We celebrated with a pint at the Dog & Bell, where I found out that all three of us like to sing nonsense songs while we work; this could be highly amusing.

Edit: (Here’s Viviane’s take on things.)

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