sporty vern + lettuce

Apologies if you’ve seen this already in my locked entry. It was a Christmas prezzie, commissioned by my Glasgow Auntie for my cousin’s daughter, so I couldn’t post it publicly! But here it is, I hope she liked it. I took inspiration for Vern’s haut couture from these lovely historical golf costumes:

I must make an effort to do a morning sketch tomorrow. I have SO much work on at the moment that it is doing in my head a little bit. I went for lunch with my agent yesterday and we had an intense discussion of ‘my career’, which was really helpful. I’m going in to see one of my publishers tomorrow with some artwork, but I need to have a whole lot more done before then, not to mention finishing the book for the other publisher by Monday. Ack. Please send lots of good vibes my way!

Awhile ago I sent in a print for Zine Fest, an exhibition of zine work by female UK comic artists: Saturday 24th January 2009, 12-4pm, The Women’s Library, 25 Old Castle Street, London, free entry. You can see some sneak peeks at the material here. This list of contributors sounds like a who’s who of the female comics scene, including Lizz Lunney, Charlotte Percival, Sarah Lippett, Rosie Brice, Karrie Fransman, Erica Akerlund, Lady Lucy, Flo Brooks, Carolyn Alexander, Kate Dickinson, Jenny Linn-Cole, Kate Evans, Liz Greenfield, Leonie O’Moore, Carol Swain, Tanya Meditzky, Francesca Cassavetti, Isy Morgenmuffel, Sarah Ray, Jeremy Dennis, Sally-Anne Hickman, Laura Stimpson, Karoline Rerrie, Ellen Lindner, Sarah Lynch, Lucy Sweet, Siobhan Bowers, Rachael House, Lee Kennedy, Jess Bradley, Heather Middleton, Jackie Batey, Iro Tsavala, Siobhan Britton, Mireille Fauchon, Emma Welch, Susie Rumsby and others. Have a look here for an action-packed workshop programme on the day.

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