Yesterday the postman brought the lovely latest edition of Varoom, the AOI’s magazine. I read Robert Mason’s article on plagiarism in which, at one point, he denounces the ‘endemic “default black” line that so many current illustrators allow to separate and destroy the colours in their work’. I know what he means, and I’m trying not to be so dependent on black outlines all the time. Regarding the thorny issue of plagiarism, I’ve borrowed the colour palette from an Agatha Christie cover that I blogged about earlier. Is this plagiarism? I don’t think so: I’ve added another colour, drawn the figures in my own way and changed the subject matter, but the other cover’s influence is still very clear. I’m kind of embarrassed that I can’t remember the other illustrator’s name. (Does anyone here know?)

Rummaging under my desk, I found some postcards I bought in Prague, designed by Jiri Votruba. I’m not so keen on his paintings, but I love the colours and simplicity of the illustrations and graphic design on his website.

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