science of dunking

It’s official, an American cinnamon graham cracker performs better than a Belgian speculoos biscuit in a milk dunking. But the speculoos easily outperforms the graham cracker in tea and, I suspect – although it remains untested – in other hot beverages. The speculoos is also known as the Lotus Carmelised Biscuit. According to Wikipedia, Rev. Sylvester Graham from New Jersey developed the graham cracker in 1822 as a health food, to suppress ‘unhealthy carnal urges’, the source of many maladies. For more scientific data on similar weighty matters, please visit

Thanks for everyone’s support while my mother was in surgery. She’s doing remarkably well, even walked a little bit down the hospital corridor. My dad thinks Dr Kim at Virgina Mason is the bee’s knees, doing such a clean surgery and hardly even messing up her hair. Apparently she was so lively after the operation that they couldn’t get her to stop talking. (I’m not sure if it was her, the drugs or the adrenaline rush, but apparently that’s pretty normal, too.) She had a lot of visitors and my sister said she was busy ‘directing traffic’.

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