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Here’s an update for those of you who have booked for the SCBWI Writers & Illustrators conference in Winchester, 22-23 Nov: Turning Pages: the art and craft of story:

At the conference, don’t forget about the great opportunity to promote yourself on the ‘Say it Loud and Proud’ Wall. A bunch of us got the idea for it while we were at the Bologna book fair last spring, watching writers and illustrators pinning their business cards and artwork postcards in a designated space. It was great fun to browse, and great publicity for participants! We’ll have several editors milling around, including Ben Sharpe, head editor of the DFC.

And take part in our Comixtravaganza! For this same wall, come up with a four-panel comic strip on the theme: My writing/illustrating life. Let us see some quirk about your daily working life, whether it be a moment of procrastination, the coffee you absolutely MUST drink to write dialogue, a daydream, or that cat that keeps leaving paw prints on your painting surfaces. Don’t worry if you’re not an illustrator, the writing is just as important, and stick figures are an essential part of every writer’s tool kit!

Come along and attach it to our Wall in Winchester (we’ll supply velcro adhesive pads), then either leave it for Candy Gourlay to scan and display on our SCBWI website (more great exposure!) or take it home and e-mail a scan to Candy (Webmaster at britishscbwi dot org).

You can print off this image here if you want to do some pre-conference preparation, or feel free to use your own format, four-panel or otherwise. We’ll also pass out copies of this sheet at the conference if you want to do a quick off-the-cuff strip while you’re there. Be as careful/slap-dash and serious/silly as you fancy! Look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks!

PS For those of you who live too far away to come to the event, feel free to send me your own strips (include your name and website somewhere on them) and I’ll print them up and pin them up on the wall: sarah at jabberworks dot co dot uk

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