rich pickings!

Woot! My blog sketch from ages past made the front page of Bath Abbey’s newsletter, The Chorister. A guy named Tim Penn contacted me awhile back about using it, but I’d almost forgotten. Fabulous! My favourite bit reads:

Illicit nostril activity in quire has a long history; the anonymous author of the sixth-century onastic role book Regula Magistri tackled such unsavoury minutiae as ‘the disposal of filth extracted from the nose’ during psalm-singing.

Morris the Mankiest Monster would approve of such activity, oh yes.

Exciting news, I’ve been invited to be part of the Bath Festival of Children’s Literature this autumn; don’t know the dates yet, but I’ll keep you posted! I hope we have lots of hearty nose-pickers in the audience.

Have you seen, Paul Gravett has reviewed the first three books in the DFC Library? I’ve only seen bits of the press proofs of Good Dog, Bad Dog, Spider Moon and Mezolith not the whole books. The suspense is killing me!

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