return of the missing packet

I just found a whole envelope of comics jams from the Hi-Ex festival in Inverness that I thought I’d lost. Whee! They’re giving me a real giggle, here’s one:

Unicomics festival! I’m leading a Hungry Aliens and Manky Monsters workshop on Sat, 24 April in Hatfield. The organisers said people were booking places fast, but there might be some left here.

Join illustrator and comics creator Sarah McIntyre for a fun hour of weird and wacky monsters. Find out what aliens love best to eat, and watch Sarah draw Morris, the most revolting monster EVER! Create your own monster or alien and jump with your beastie into an exciting storytelling game that will have everyone laughing.

I’ll also have a table in the Unicon convention area where you can buy books and comics from me, along with loads of other comic creators.

Garen Ewing has just posted the cover of his new Rainbow Orchid, Volume 2 Forbidden Planet International and elsewhere.

Right now I’m listening to an Inkstuds podcast interview of Eleanor Davis (squinkyelo on LiveJournal). The interviewer has a bit of a hard time getting going for awhile after the Kate Bush song in the beginning, but it gets better. Eleanor’s awesome, and her website has had a huge revamp since I last saw it. Her Secret Science Alliance book has rightly been nominated for an Eisner Award in the Best Publication for Kids category, but I don’t think it’s just kids who will love it.

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