reading among the lettuces

Click on the picture if you want a larger image to print out.

This sounds interesting, Hampton Court Palace has just built The National Year of Reading Garden within their lovely grounds. It’s all about creating marvelous little nooks and crannies where people can curl up with books, as much about where we read as what we read. That sounds good to me! It includes a pool of knowledge, a bookworm track, a magical misted forest (sounds like it would make the pages go crinkly to me) and a salad leaf lawn. (I don’t know what that last one has to do with reading, but at least you can snack while you’re doing it.)
Lindsey at DFC publicity just commissioned me to bang up this sheet real quick for it, that was fun.

Hey, if anyone wants to draw themselves in their favourite place to read, I’ll post it here! (Don’t feel you need to use my worksheet, unless you want to, of course.)

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