prog rockin’ stuart

Hooray, happy birthday to Stuart, the best ironing prog rocker on the planet!

Gary popped up to town this afternoon and saw You Can’t Eat a Princess! already on sale!!! I thought it wasn’t launching til March 1st, so I was well surprised, but also very pleased to see it on the rack at the front of the children’s book section in their Trafalgar Square shop. (And it looks like it’s on sale on Amazon, too!)

I’m doing some school events at the beginning and giving the book a good push at Hi-Ex comics festival in Inverness, but I just got an e-mail from Scholastic that they’re going to take me out for ‘fashionista afternoon tea’ at The Berkeley to celebrate, whoo hoo! Fashionista tea and cakes!

The author, Gillian Rogerson, just sent me a link to this article by Nicolette Jones on Book Brunch mentioning my stuff and calling for Waterstone’s to set up a Best New Picturebook prize alongisde it’s Children’s Fiction award:

Perhaps all booksellers should consider offering their customers a ‘Best New Talent’ picturebook range, and creating a sense of discovery and surprise, of diversity and novelty. Perhaps this is the moment to look to build illustrators for the future. Otherwise, as one publisher puts it, “How are you ever going to find another Gruffalo?”

Yes, that would be brilliant! … a cash prize, maybe? 🙂 I think it’s still going to be awhile before I start seeing any royalties.

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