oxford’s CAPTION – mark your diaries!

Thanks, Selina Lock (girlycomic) for asking me to give a talk at this year’s festival! It runs two days, 15 – 16 August, and I had so much fun last year that I decided to go again for both days, so I’m letting the planners decide which day I give my talk. It’ll be great, there’s already a good lineup with Garen Ewing, Asia Alfasi, Jon Spira and Jimi Gherkin, details on the Caption LJ community site here! Here’s the blurb I’ve come up for it, let me know if this sounds too terrible or full of myself. (I’m not used to writing these things.) And let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to include, since I haven’t planned the talk yet and I’d love suggestions.

Comics and Picture books: crossing the divide

Have the boundaries between comics and picture books shifted in recent years? Sarah McIntyre will discuss exciting opportunities she has noticed in crossover works and publisher interest, and explore the potential for comics creators to tap into both industry categories to support themselves and inject their own work with fresh energy. She will show some of her own background design work in both fields, discuss similarities and differences in production techniques, and talk about how editors have related to her work in both fields.
She will welcome observations from the members of the audience who have also had experience in these fields, and leave time for questions.

Sarah McIntyre created ‘Vern and Lettuce’, a weekly strip for the DFC. She illustrated seven picture books for an American publisher before studying on Camberwell’s MA Illustration course and graduating in 2007. Since then, she has illustrated a picture book for David Fickling: ‘Morris the Mankiest Monster’, written by Giles Andreae (creator of Purple Ronnie and Edward Monkton), launching on Oct 1st. She is also illustrating picture books with Scholastic UK and Oxford University Press and has recently had some successful bids for her own picture book writing. She is represented by Rosemary Canter at United Agents. Visit her blog, where she posts new drawings almost every day: http://jabberworks.livejournal.com

So it’s a good talk to come to if you know lots about comics but want to find out about picture books, or vice versa, or if you’ve been working in one area, but are thinking about getting work on the other side. (I know more about the picture books industry than the comics industry.)
Anyone already know if they’re going to Caption? One day or both?

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