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Today I finally managed to get to the post office to collect my new manga pens from Dinkybox. Thanks, chamonkee, for the recommendation! I will get back to you about them after I’ve had a go.
Deleter, that’s a funny name for mark-making tools. It reminds me of my favourite joke when I was a kid:

There’s a guy sitting on a tombstone in the corner of a graveyard, scribbling away at a musical score in a notebook. But when I look closer, I can see that whenever his pen touches the paper, instead of writing, it erases the lines of the score. I ask the groundskeeper, ‘Who is that guy?’ The groundskeeper replies, ‘That’s Mozart. He’s busy decomposing.’

I liked that joke way too much. It was the only one I could ever remember, argh. No, two jokes: the other one’s coming up in this week’s Vern and Lettuce. It’s one I used to tell ad nauseum. (Readers on Friday, feel free to groan.)

And I have become a big fan of the prune, fig and spelt-flour bread from Rhodes Bakery. It’s turning into a bi-weekly ritual, that I cycle over to Greenwich, pick up a loaf, then go have coffee with Jeff-the-barista at The Beehive (which is also where I bought Stuart’s fabulous shirt and sweater vest, in their little vintage clothing section, next to the records).

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