my fairy can weld

For today’s morning sketch, I drew a Flashdance fairy for Oxford’s Caption festival, where the theme is ‘away with the fairies’. Mark your diaries for this weekend, 15 – 16 Aug. On the Sunday, I’m giving a talk on crossovers between comics and picture books, and opportunities for creators to work in both fields. And I’m also on a panel with comics journalist Matt Badham on the Saturday. (…You, too, can draw a fairy for the Caption exhibition and auction!)

And the other diary date is coming up soon! Next Monday evening (the 27th), near Brick Lane, I’m giving a presentation of some of my work, then starting off a book-club type discussion of Shaun Tan’s The Arrival. The event’s sponsored by Laydeez Do Comics, but it’s open to both guys and gals. Have a read of The Arrival, bring it along if you’re able, and see you from 6:30-8:30 at the Rag Factory! … I’m really nervous no-one will turn up, please come along and support me! 🙂

(More details about events here.)

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