Learn how to make comics with Sarah McIntyre in this series of Booktrust videos! Great for home or the classroom.

I love making travel comics! Here’s a book-length comics journal I kept on a road trip around China with my family in 2011. The idea wasn’t to make a perfect comic (too many bumps in the road!), but to capture the wonder of being in a fascinating new place.

I made Riding the Alaska Marine Highway on a family trip to Seldovia, one of the locations that inspired the house in Oliver and the Seawigs and the Snowdovia setting in Pugs of the Frozen North, two of my books with Philip Reeve. My husband, Stuart, makes a special guest appearance with his comic, included at the end of this one.
alaska banner

Here’s a 24-page comic I made for a 24-Hour Comic Marathon, as part of the Lakes International Comics Festival. (A whole comic book in 24 hours and no sleep!) You can buy it as part of comics anthology called 24 by 7.

Airship is a Comics Jam I did with my friend David O’Connell. We choose the airship as our theme and took turns drawing one page at a time, with a one-hour time limit per page, aiming to finish at 24 pages. We never knew where the other person was going to take the story next, and it was loads of fun!

Cyrano de Bergerac with Gérard Depardieu and Anne Brochet is my all-time favourite film, so I made a fan comic, focusing on one of the more minor characters.

Seattle comics artist David Lasky sent me a beautifully letter in comics form, so I sent him back this one.

Here are two comics I made for the Birdsong anthology, edited by Naniiebim & Will Kirkby.

Bits ‘n’ Bobs: a collection of short comics

A Dartmoor travel comic with sketches.

Hourly Comic: this one’s quite old, from the days when I worked at home instead of the studio, but I still love it.

A comic I made after a New Year’s Day walk in London.

One of my earliest travel comics.