mr toast

Okay, it was just a quick drawing this morning, but I wanted to see what would happen if I drew something really, really small with a biro, then used the Photoshop ‘stamp’ tool on it. (Filter > Sketch > Stamp) It’s okay, I guess. Will try something new tomorrow, though.

But … BETTER STUFF GOING ON HERE! Have you seen Wilbur Dawbarn’s reinterpretation of a scene in Adam Brockbank’s Mezolith? I love the way Will draws, but I’ve never seen him draw that way, it’s gorgeous. Keep checking over at the Super Comics Adventure Squad, lots happening there.

Other tidbits: some fab beard photos linked from stellarbaby; a write-up of the London Transport Museum poster exhbition by mondoagogo; and a link to the website of illustrator Brian Ralph over on kar2nist‘s blog.

Edit: Have a peek over at ellenlindner‘s blog, where she’s posting daily sketches. If you haven’t got your copy of her Undertow, you are clearly missing out! Curling up with that book is a great way to spend an otherwise rather grey Easter weekend. (You can buy it on Lulu here.)

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