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A few more rough sketches for the Monster Village at Stratford’s Discover Centre. I’m working them in between picture book work, so it’s all slightly bitsy, but I’m meeting up this week with Ed Vere, Neal Layton and the team to find out what happens next.

Here’s the inside of the Beauty & Beast salon (see the last post for an exterior sketch).

Those are the wigs and moustaches. Here on the left, we have the wig-fitting centre, where visitors can either put the 2-D wigs on the aliens here, or try them on in the mirror themselves. And on the right, a cosmetics centre where people can draw all over the aliens, adding eye shadow, facial hair, what have you. I’ll have to check at the meeting about the pens idea, because kids have a habit of not keeping pens in the areas where they are supposed to be kept, and Neal Layton might not appreciate it if they start drawing all over his monster shops. Maybe everything in the building could have an erasable surface? Must consult.

Links: Have you been keeping an eye on James Turner‘s new comic, Dan Tastic? It’s shaping up to be, well, rather fantastic! James is quite possibly one of the funniest guys on the planet.

James Turner’s Dan Tastic

And speaking of funny guys, the other comedy legend Jamie Smart has been doing some fab strips for The Dandy, Desperate Dan and Pre-Skool Prime Minister.

Last week’s Dandy, bought impulsively in the supermarket checkout queue, as one does

And Jamie also posted a link to a website with 30 photos of hedgehogs taking baths. (Aw!) I STILL haven’t seen a live hedgehog (not a smashed one on the road), one of my unfufilled ambitions on coming to Britain. When I went to Leeds, Gillian Rogerson (the writer of our book, You Can’t Eat a Princess!) told me that she has hedgehogs in her back garden, but they didn’t even peek out. I may get desperate enough to go to one of those hedgehog rescue centres to have a look, but I’d really like to see one ‘in the wild’.

And a few pictures of lovely festival central London:

on this street:

And I can’t quite figure out the significance of Batman and Superman on this building, can anyone enlighten me?

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