Little Red Riding Hood

I thought I’d use the woods from my earlier ‘wee beastie in the woods’ picture as a context for a different story. The picture looks a little busy, and I may rework a new version, but I like the flat perspective of the house, and the little smoke clouds, an idea I got from the current Kandinsky exhibition at the Tate Modern.

The idea of this picture kind of cracked me up, the three characters being almost cosy in the house, even though they’ve been eaten; the hunter lurks in the forest, so you know the whole scene’s going to turn horribly gory pretty soon, even if Little Red Riding Hood and her granny do get saved.

I’m also doing some tonal work on a comic for my friend, Ellen Lindner. It’s called ‘Undertow, about an angst-ridden teenager in 1905s New York, and should be well worth getting when it’s published, hopefully next year:

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