learning how to paint, part I

I forgot that I was going to post my paintings from watercolour class on Wednesday! I’ll be very curious to see if I get any better. For my first class, the tutor taught some basic perspective drawing skills. First he had us draw a table top in perspective, then one by one, he put books onto the table and had us put them into our drawing. Then we had a little bit of time to put in some watercolour shading. I have to remember that one, it’s a good method of making people look at the whole space, and how the books relate to the edges of the table.

For the second drawing, he had us move to a different part of the room and draw the table top again. But then he had us add different things to turn it into an imaginary room, putting everything in perspective and adding shading. It was fun, and I’d never painted with watercolour on an easel before, always on the flat. I hadn’t even really thought about tilting my paper to get different looks and interesting drips.

Most of the people in my class say they’re total art beginners, but I was learning a lot from them, looking around and seeing how different people used their paint. And Steph gave a couple evil laughs when she saw me (‘the professional’) struggling with something, like putting up my easel or getting a bit lost on my very large piece of paper.

Oh, and is it just me, or is it really funny that on my shopping receipt today, it logged that I was at least 21 years old when it rang up the chocolate? 😀

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