Kevin vs the Unicorns

Kevin vs the unicorns cover
How can Kevin compete against UNICORNS?

Everyone knows unicorns are special and magic and probably VERY FAST. But they can't fly...

Max and his best friend Kevin, the only roly-poly flying pony in Bumbleford, decide to enter the Magical Pony Club Steeplechase. Biscuits are promised, and Kevin wants to make Max proud. As the competition heats up and Kevin has to face some very snobby unicorns, our inseparable duo uncovers a conspiracy to steal the precious Periwinkle Cup. Max and Kevin will have to intervene to stop the thieves and retrieve the stolen trophy.

Welcome to the fourth adventure in Reeve & McIntyre's Roly-Poly Flying Pony series!

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Kevin's Great Escape
Kevin and the Biscuit Bandit

Design your own unicorn: a step-by-step drawing tutorial!
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Kevin and the unicorns What would YOU ride in a mythical race? Invent your own racing steed!
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The Spectacular Magical Pony Award: run your own race or competition, and print an official Reeve & McIntyre certificate right here!
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Reeve and McIntyre's Great Race Activity Pack TEACHER PACK!

Create your own Great Race in the classroom, combining exciting lessons with a fantastic wall display!

TEACHER GUIDE: Developed with teacher Claire Williams, this pack explains lesson aims and how to use the printed sheets best with your lessons.

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CLASSROOM RACE PACK: Print these activity sheets to use in your lessons!

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Different unicorns Unicorn Spotter's Guide! You'll find this chart right at the front of Kevin vs The Unicorns. Use it to inspire your own drawn guide, with unicorn that are glorious, strange, or downright silly!