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I took this photo in Gatwick Airport a few days ago and thought it came out rather nicely. I liked the reflections and spent ages rearranging the stuff at my table so it didn’t show up in the photo, but still trying to keep the woman from realising that I was taking photos of her bum.

I felt very guilty, for environmental reasons, for flying up to Hi-Ex. When I compared the time it would take and the price, it was about six hours faster to fly and couple hundred pounds cheaper for the two of us. But then we ended up spending six hours in Inverness airport waiting for them to fly over a spare pilot from Rome and decided that next time we’d be good and go by train. We really wanted to take the sleeper train, but for some reason that weekend it was insanely expensive. C’mon, rail companies, let’s make these ticket prices a bit more reasonable.

Dave Shelton just posted his writeup of Inverness’s Hi-Ex festival here. I’m heading up to Cambridge this evening to let out a few loud whoops for his brilliant book, Good Dog, Bad Dog.

Thanks to Selina Lockgirlycomic – for her fab review of our Birdsong/Songbird anthology! tozocomic and chamonkee sold vast quantities of it at the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing, but I didn’t manage to shift many copies at all at Hi-Ex. I think the Thing crowd were much more into things that are handmade and self-published, and the Hi-Ex people were more into slick stuff from big publishers (my picture books did well). But we will work on those Hi-Ex folk, just you wait! A couple years from now, everyone in Scotland will be printing up their own mini comics. Yes, indeed.

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