hay festival updates

If you’re in Wales at the Hay Festival this weekend, don’t miss what sure to be an AWESOME PANEL by six of the comics creators who made NELSON! I’m so completely proud of this book.
I’ll also be doing a 4pm reading of Morris the Mankiest Monster in the Family Area, if you want to stop by to say hello.

And if you’re at Hay the following weekend, I’m doing a bunch of other stuff, too:
Fri, 8 June:
6:40pm Sarah McIntyre, Philip Reeve, Martin Brown and Cathy Brett: Illustration Game of Consequences: Inspired by suggestions from you, these amazing artists draw live on one giant piece of paper. It will be random and it will be fun. Chaired by Paul Blezard (SOLD OUT)

Sat, 9 June:
10am: Cartoon Craziness: Meet this brilliant illustrator and learn how to invent your own cartoons. Expect pirates, monsters, princesses, dinosaurs, cowboys and, of course, Vern & Lettuce. Bring a pad and pencil.

1pm: Philip Reeve talks to Sarah McIntyre: Come and discover a wild world of magical creatures and heroic adventures from the extraordinary imagination behind Mortal Engines. Plus, we’re (not so) secretly hoping Sarah and Philip will mention their forthcoming series Seawigs.

Booking details here!

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