happy birthday, miffy!

Lots of news today, but I’m heading off to a birthday party (hence the card image), having just been to see a Happy Birthday Miffy exhibition and the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing. I spent all day with a funny left ear, which made my breathing sound like Darth Vader in my head, left me deaf on one side and made me feel like I had my head in an aquarium. Gio Spinella got me all worried with his ideas about what could happen if I didn’t get my ears checked, so I went into an NHS walk-in centre. Luckily all I needed to do was steam my head with some menthol & eucalyptus, and now everything’s lovely again…

Paul and the Miffy exhibition at the V&A Museum of Childhood; Dave Roman (yaytime) & Raina Telgemeier’s (goraina) booth at the Comix Thing.
I met ztoical  there, and stopped by seanazz ‘s booth. But he wasn’t there and I meant to go back, but the whole weird ear thing made me go crabby and cross-eyed and I forgot, which is kind of sad, because I really wanted to meet him.

Annika & I had way too much fun with the museum’s crazy mirrors.

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