good listening

If you’re an illustrator and live in Britain, you probably listen to a lot of Radio 4, even if you won’t admit it. Today I’m listening out for two things:

I got an e-mail five minutes ago from children’s book expert Leonard Marcus, saying he’ll be on this morning at 11:30 as part of Maurice Sendak’s 80th birthday celebration. (radio link)

And at 1:30, they’re featuring The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, whom I’ve seen three times in concert and they’re very funny. I once saw their George Hinchcliffe on the London Underground and said, ‘are you in the ukulele orchestra?’ and then didn’t know what else to say, so just said, ‘nice one!’ and stuck my thumbs up and felt very stupid. But he looked incredibly chuffed to have been spotted by some random chick so it was okay. (radio link)

I’m such a nerd. And I need to clean off my desk.

There’s a good interview with Seattle comic artist dlasky here, and you can download a great zine he’s made about making zines. And some nice pics here showing the stuff they painted on the side of the abandoned Jack-in-the-Box on Broadway.

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