fox doodle

This morning I felt like drawing a fox in a Dannimac overcoat. She looks like someone you’d see around my neighbourhood. I might try to draw her again in colour later.

If you’re looking for good comics recommendations (or graphic novels, if you prefer), Forbidden Planet International is running a ‘Best of Year’ series over here by creators and reviewers. I didn’t manage to get my act together to submit an article, but I’d say that on top of my list would sit Darryl Cunningham‘s Psychiatric Tales, for several reasons: One, that it’s a well-told, well-drawn book that compels me to keep reading. Two, that it’s been appealing to people who might not normally read comics, because it tackles the complicated subject of mental health issues from the point of view of a carer in a way that’s both illuminating and moving. Three, that it’s been amazing watching Darryl himself come out of his shell by making this book, overcoming his crippling depression and going from someone who made me slightly nervous to being a very good friend and great company. So that’s my vote. Follow Darryl’s excellent blog here. Here’s an earlier blog post I made about his book.

Psychiatric Tales: the original UK cover with Blank Slate and the cover that Bloomsbury is launching in February in the USA

On the same FPI website, Kenny Penman has put out an appeal for people to post more links to FPI on their websites and comments to its posts. It’s a hugely useful website and database of comics and what’s happening in the comics community, and I know loads of us would hate to see it go down due to poor internet rankings. I love it because it doesn’t just review the standard comic website ‘boy comics’, but a whole bunch of fresh new material, including European comics. When I don’t have a lot of time to surf the Internet, it’s the one place I go to find out what’s happening. Read Kenny’s appeal here on the FPI blog. Go on over and leave a comment, even if just to say hi! (We all love comments!)

Oh, and Woodrow Phoenix just sent me a link to his appearance with Bridget Hannigan on the Tate Modern video roll. They don’t say a lot, but hey, they look great.

Bridget Hannigan & Woodrow Phoenix

And thanks to my aunt in Washington State for sending me a snapshot of Vern and Lettuce’s tractor. Glad to see they’re getting around on their road trip! You, too, can still download a version to colour, cut out and paste here.

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