fairies get tired too.

So let me tell you … this job, turning Sarah’s complex life into a simple, controlled one, is taking its toll on me. I’ve never been so tired at work. I took a few winks and slept for longer than I planned. So here it is, in plain text, Time Management Super Fairies also get tired and crash … and don’t wake up for hours.
Earlier today, I went to the dentist near Bond Street with Sarah. She took me to another lovely little coffee shop. We went to the Wallace Collection, and Sarah drew a picture:

We then met up with her friend, Jessie, toured the Prince’s Drawing School where Jessie works, and had lunch at a noodle bar. I got a bowl of soup approximately the size of my head. I ate as much as a could, but it looked like I hadn’t touched it. After that, we headed in the direction of Piccadilly Circus. On the way, we saw lots of cool street art …

Though some of them were quite SCARY,

me being the friendly person that I am, I helped them out. Even super heros need to pick their nose sometimes!

Sarah’s highlight of the day was seeing this very cute car —

She took about 537568373950 pictures of it. This one was the best, though.

Dinner should be ready soon, I’ll eat and go back to my little cacoon in my bedroom. Can you believe that Sarah woke me up just so I could do her blog???

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