excited hopping in heathrow

My little sister‘s arriving tomorrow! Not that I’m excited, or anything; I will be the one standing there looking cool and aloof in Arrivals… Ha ha, AS IF. You may see a few drawings by us and photos popping up here during the next couple weeks.

Just had a gorgeous parcel arrive from York-based writer and illustrator Alex T Smith, a handmade card and his new book, Claude in the City. (I wanted to meet him so badly at Edinburgh book fest last year that one of the Scholastic editors set up a tea for us (photos here)! Alex’s pictures jump from the pages and I can’t wait to read it, so you will be seeing it on my blog before too long.

And speaking of people met at Edinburgh, Philip Reeve‘s beautiful and intriguing landscape drawings of Dartmoor continue daily over on his Tumblr blog. Do have a peek! And the latest addition to the six other Mortal Engines books, Scrivener’s Moon, is set to launch on 7 April, and Philip’s just posted some of his drawings and insights into the story over on his blog here.

So get ready to pop along to your local bookshop or you can pre-order it. If you’re new to the series, I began by reading Fever Crumb, which isn’t the earliest book he wrote but the story takes place the earliest chronologically and, I reckon, it’s the best place to start.

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