DFC issue 31!

Hee hee… this week Vern and Lettuce are busy torturing the moles on Primrose Hill. Or somewhere thereabouts in the Pickle Rye parallel London universe.

I’m still grinning at the inept fish and cow-head ninjas in Fish Head Steve by Jamie Smart (foo5) and the pirate dress-up session in Super Animal Adventure Squad by James Turner (eruditebaboon).

We get the second installment of the beautifully rendered Frontier by Jason Cobley and Andrew Wildman (with its own lovely website). And Mezolith never fails to surprise me; it’s not drawn in a style I normally like, but Adam Brockbank somehow totally manages to suck me in to both the story and the remarkable artwork. And I’m just dipping in, there’s lots more going on that’s sooo good! Simone Lia’s naughty food items, Dave Shelton’s volcanic sweets, the Woodrow milkshake machine with more lush artwork, the Etherington evil twins going nuts as always…

Go subscribe to the DFC if you haven’t already, crunchy credit be damned!

And why, oh why, did I ever give that sheep a tuba? Tubas are so annoying to draw! (… Or a sousaphone, I should say, but ‘sousaphone’ doesn’t fit so well into a speech bubble.) Vern could have taken up a pert little piccolo, but no… I like to make life hard for myself.

Oh hey, and some fab drawn instructions for how to make a sock monkey by Vivian Schwarz, yessiree.

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