DFC issue 15!

I came back from stomping through the rain to the DFC with a gorgeous cover in my letterbox! Isn’t it purdy? This week’s issue introduces the new Mezolith story by Adam Brockbank and Ben Haggarty. And Simone Lia’s strip on the back made me shout with laughter. Must find a quiet moment with a cup of tea and read the whole issue cover to cover!

Mezolith reminds me of the Jean M. Auel prehistoric series that starts with Clan of the Cave Bear which I found in my parents’ library and really liked when I was little. (It was the second book with adult racy bits I ever read. The first book was Forever by Judy Blume, borrowed on the school bus, and the pages were just about falling out in all the steamy parts.)

Don’t forget to book your place for the Turning Pages: the art and craft of story SCBWI conference on Nov 22 and 23rd! It’s great for both writers and illustrators, and especially for those of us (like me) who are attempting to do both! Here is the bio pic of my DFC editor Ben Sharpe, who is just one of the many fab speakers they have lined up:

ztoical in Ireland reports that copies of the GOAL Anthology have come back early from the printers, can’t wait to see it. She’ll post order details soon. (I have a one-page strip in it.)

Other stuff:
I haven’t had time to explore Paul Hoppe‘s website yet, but it looks very promising.

And random stuff I stumble upon when I’m doing image research for my work: here’s a bizzare bathroom fixture that lets you have everything in your bathroom in a single column. I can’t decide it that’s very, very cool or just a bit sad that people would have such small bathrooms that they’d need such a thing: Neatorama.

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