dfb doodly interview + vern and lettuce – ooh la la!

The David Fickling Blog is running an interview with me today! But I was in a big hurry when I did it, so I drew the answers instead of writing them. Which also lets them stand out from all these super-profound answers that David’s hugely talented writerly folk might give. (Not that I am intimidated by them, right?) Click here to read my Q&A!

Edit: Ha ha, my studio mate Gary Northfield totally got back at me for drawing him all silly-like in the Q&A, with this drawing:

And speaking of David Fickling’s books, my Vern and Lettuce have gone to Paris and suddenly their French-language night classes have paid off! No, we haven’t sold the French co-edition yet, but Guillaume Bresch from Aaltaïr has translated the little comic I made for the Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show. Hurrah! Aw, they look so cute when they say YOUPI!. (Read the original English version here.)

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