Events: Email me at and please copy in my assistant, Stuart Pyle, who helps me on Fridays with event-related e-mails:

Please be aware that we do charge for events, including online events. I’m quite heavily booked up this year, so I’ll be more inclined to take on paid events nearby in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. (I’m based in Bovey Tracey, Devon.)

For publicity and book enquiries, please contact Fraser Hutchinson at David Fickling Books: (Adventuremice, Jampires)

For Scholastic UK picture books, contact Penelope Daukes:

For Oxford University Press books, contact Sophie Redfern:

Art: For e-mails about work commissions, please contact my agent, Jodie Hodges at, and possibly copy in her assistant Emily Talbot:
Post: Jodie Hodges, c/o Emily Talbot, 12-26 Lexington Street, London W1F OLE, England

I don’t tend to take on the kind of logo work that needs clean typography and a wide range of fonts: that’s not my area of expertise (my work looks more wobbly and handmade), and people aren’t usually prepared to pay the much higher fees for logo work.

(Please don’t contact me directly about illustrating your book; here’s an article I wrote about it:)

E-mail: I get quite a lot of e-mails, so if you’re getting in touch about a question or proposal, please check the FAQ page to see if your questions have been answered. Thanks! I’m afraid I can’t read through people’s manuscripts or answer student surveys, but you can find out loads about me if you do some digging into my website and blog.

I love seeing your drawings, book costumes, knitted pugs/sea monkeys pop up on Twitter and Instagram posts! Often that’s the fastest and easiest way to contact me: @jabberworks. (But please don’t ask me to follow you so you can send me a direct message; just e-mail if you need privacy.)

Book signing: I’m afraid I can’t sign people’s books if they send them in, but if you come to one of my events, I’d be happy to sign! Check my event page to see where I’ll be.

Original Art: Keep an eye on my online shop for original art and cards! I’m not taking commissions right now (unless you’re willing to pay an absolutely staggering amount of money).

Charities: I’ve learned from experience not to put up work for charity auctions; my answer to requests will be no. My designated charity is Read For Good (providing books and storytellers to children in hospital) and I reserve a percentage of money I make from my work to send to them so it can make a real impact. 

Animation work: Please don’t ask me to do free animations; my day rate for small clients and charities is £1K per day, and an animation of one minute will most likely take more than one day.