constructing monsterville!

I’ve finished my drawings for Monsterville, but now the technicians, set painters, sound engineers and printers are working busily to make it all happen! The fab head techie guy, Paul Callaghan, just sent through these photos. Here’s the basic frame for what will soon be Lolliplops monster ice cream parlour. (You can see my drawings here in earlier posts – scroll down.)

Have you booked your free tickets yet for the family Monsterville Open Day on 28 May?

Monsterville’s proving to be a marvellous collaboration; Neal Layton, Ed Vere and I have an idea of how the village might look, then the team go out and find the pieces and adapt them. I love this red barber chair they found for the wig fitting shop! And I’m not positive, but I think they might be fitting eyeball push buttons on the old-fashioned cash register. From what I hear, the Monsterville offices are generally awash with eyeballs.

Here’s Lolliplops, a bit further along:

And here’s the Beauty & Beast emporium, which will have wigs galore.

Here’s Neal’s bandstand, which is going to be populated with lots of musical monsters. I think I remember some very cool-looking birds with teeth from his drawing, perching on top.

And a glimpse of Neal’s monster museum. I haven’t seen any photos yet of Ed’s wilderness approach, more good things to come.

Here’s Neal, me, sound composer Sam Hooper and Ed.

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