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Lettuce is sharing comics love… Here are the first two, for mr_sadhead and cordial_kitten, who’s had some problems with flooding in her new house.

Write Away just posted my review of the launch party for Dinosaurs Love Underpants, which has already sold 55,000 copies in its first week, not bad. The drinks were very free flowing and I was a little worse for the wear when I met up afterward at the ICA with seanazz, ellenlindner, Stephen Betts and Nick Abadzis. And I got to meet for the first time one of that evening’s speakers, mikedawsoncomic, who had flown over from America and has just come out with his graphic novel, Freddie & Me: a Coming-of-Age (Bohemian) Rhapsody.

British SCBWI just posted the dates for their two-day Writers & Illustrators Conference in Winchester, 22-23 November . My DFC comics editor, Ben Sharpe, will be speaking on a panel, and Geraldine McCaughrean will be the keynote speaker. She’s written well over a hundred books, but the one I adore is The White Darkness, about a deaf girl who is kidnapped by her uncle and taken to Antarctica for his obsessive scheme, and you’re never quite sure how much she’s deluding herself that things are okay. A really gripping read.

Waterstone’s has posted their gallery of little stories that were written on to postcards and auctioned off for charity.

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