comica illo

I’m working like a maniac on this picture book (much of which is already selling at the Frankfurt book fair), but managed to slide this one in the margins for the upcoming Comica festival. (You can see earlier versions here.) It’s not the final illustration, Peter Stanbury’s still going to do lots of things to it, so I am trying to let it go and not worry about it, heh heh.

Any resemblance to anyone living or undead is purely coincidental, of course.

DFC news here! Congratulations to Kate Brown with her Spider Moon, Dave Shelton with Good Dog, Bad Dog and Adam Brockbank and Ben Haggarty with Mezolith for being the first DFC strips to go out in book form! Get ready to pick up your own copies this spring. Exciting!

The other cool thing, don’t miss today’s Guardian supplement, Great Fairytales, part 7: Beastly Tales, absolutely crammed full of illustrations by the amazing Eleanor Davis (squinkyelo). Yay! I swear, that woman never sleeps.

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