cold studio

Just me in the studio today, and I’m keenly sensing the loss of the cumulative warming effects four people can bring to a room. It’s been a little hard to do my work; I’m listening to rousing film soundtracks to pretend it is an epic battle worth fighting. Right now the Romans are slaughtering the Germans.

I just had to post this fabulous photo taken this weekend by Joe Gordon (usually only seen blogging from his lair under the bridge in Edinburgh). He nabbed this eerie snow family by the Union Canal at Harrison Park, and assures me no Photoshop effects were employed in their capture.

Hey, John Aggs just tweeted that the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London is hosting an exhibition, Norman Rockwell’s America from 15 Dec – 27 March. I am so going to that! When I was a kid, my family had a big album of his paintings and I used to look at it for hours.

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