china adventure comic, part 6

Click over to the David Fickling Books blog to see the latest installment! This time, featuring highly excitable Shenzhen Airlines in-flight videos.

I really wish I would have started filming earlier, when they were showing the police hauling various hooligans out of the plane, with the guilty scoundrels crying copiously. But when I finally thought to switch on my camera, it was still kind of funny.

A big thank you to Jill Collinge from Switzerland who came to the New Cross Turn Left party while I was in China and left this beautiful pottery for me that she’d made, along with a lovely letter and monster stationery! It was such a treat to come back to find a big prezzie sitting on my desk. Look, there’s a little Vern and Lettuce bunny in the dish and lots of aliens on the fruit bowl and plate. Thanks, Jill! Here it is, on my dining room table.

And I know the party’s over, but I got such a kick out of the video they made, showing people how to get there. But I heard that, despite the party name and video, they still got people ringing up to ask on the day! People. You can see photos from the joyous day over on the New Cross Turn Left blog. And keep an eye on our Fleece Station blog for future events!

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