childhood painting

Back to the photos I found when I was back in Seattle recently… Here’s one of my all-time best days at school that I can remember as a kid. It was first grade, and our class was making a big papier-mâché elephant for the school auction. We didn’t finish painting it grey before recess break, so I begged the teacher to be allowed to stay in the classroom to work on it while the other kids were outside. And she said yes! On the first day of school, I had got myself quite badly and memorably bullied at recess, and I was horribly scared of the other kids. So being able to stay and paint by myself in the classroom – paint something VERY BIG! – had me in a state of complete bliss. I was so proud of that elephant.

My mother saved these; here are some of my very first figure drawings.

And a bit later, here’s a landscape I drew of Cannon Beach, on the Oregon coast.

And much older, here’s a painting I made as a teenager. I though it was terribly cool, and now I can see just how amusingly of its time it looks.

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