brushy brush

I still can’t get my head around why this funny person I live with acts so finicky about the messes I make, but can’t brush his teeth without merrily leaving the mirror coated in spray. I tried to show him this technique in which one holds one’s lips securely around the brush and moves it around without opening one’s mouth, but I think he revels in this singular glorious moment of domestic flamboyance.

I was just friended by bsabo and discovered the amazing comics and illustration work on her website, have a look! You can read two mini comics in full online (I love the storytelling in The Shortcut), and see first chapters of two books. I really want to read more of her comic Bad Lands.

tozocomic is introducing us to the second little mecha-golem in his ongoing Tozo webcomic. I think Klikker’s fab (see my fan art), and I think I’m going to like this Tikker, too!

And ellenlindner referred me to this great New York Times article about the classless classiness of the Obamas on their recent visit to Britain. (Thanks, Ellen!)

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