book traumas

So in yesterday’s post, I was all obsessed with wanting to read the second half of Bee Season by Myla Goldberg. I stayed up really late finishing it and was totally traumatised and had crazy dreams all night. It’s an amazing book, but really hard-hitting. I woke up still kind of freaked out, so over breakfast, I read another book, Shutterbug Follies by Myla’s husband, Jason Little, that had arrived in the previous day’s post:

Reading the second book helped calm me down a bit, so I could get on with proper work today. But for my morning sketch, I drew Shutterbug Follies‘ main character, Bee, trying to comfort Bee Season‘s Eliza, who still exists as totally traumatised in my head. I don’t think Bee would understand anything Eliza’s been through, but I think she’d still want to help if she could.

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