blistering barnacles

I was only going to go for a quick morning coffee again at the National Maritime Museum, but I got sucked into drawing there until lunchtime. I wonder how many lifetimes it would take to sketch all the amazing things in that place.

I like these boots. They look like something Captain Haddock would wear. These particular boots were worn by the guy who ‘ran’ the London Marathon in six days, wearing a full diving costume. I would hate to have seen his feet at the end of it.

I drew this one in the cafe, while I was having my coffee, surrounded by lots of yummy mummies and prams. My brush pen was running out of ink, which was annoying at first, but then I kind of liked the look. The statue’s head was very boring from the back, so I stuck on a different one. It looks a bit like the masks I used to see in museums while I was growing up in the Pacific Northwest. I used to detest those masks when I was little, they gave me the heebie-jeebies.

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