bad horse line-up

At Expo last weekend, a bunch of people mentioned that thing on my blog about drawing horses very badly. So a few people pitched in some more drawings.

Terrible horses by Tammy Taylor, Gary Northfield, Laura Howell and Elyssa Campbell-Barr

This one of Laura’s was my favourite bad horse:

Garen and Gary didn’t quite understand the idea to draw horses badly, not bad-ass horses, so we had fun going around saying they can’t draw s***. But I wouldn’t let Gary have his picture back.

Gary’s first failed attempt to draw badly

Gary’s second fail



Edit: one more bad horse from the upstairs animator Martin Lye

Have you been reading Neill Cameron‘s ongoing comic strips, the Hashtag Funnies? Go on, they’re brilliant!

And David O’Connell just posted his entry for the Observer/Jonathan Cape Graphic Novel Competition, have a peek! On the same subject as the comic, climate change, mark your diaries for Saturday, 5 December in London, the National Climate March! Anyone who can draw, this is your chance to make the most amazing signs ever, and what could be a better subject? If you live anywhere vaguely near London and are human and breathe air and stuff, you have absolutely no excuse for not being there. And wear blue for The Wave. Here’s the Campaign Against Climate Change link. Don’t just go if you don’t have anything better to do that day, cancel anything else, write down the date and be thinking now about clever things to put on your signs! (Any suggestions, by the way?)

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